We use the different tools, resources and elements that these five disciplines give us to take full advantage of your personal brand, organization or business.

We are an Interdisciplinary Creative Studio which is looking to strengthen the recognition of the companies, personal brands and business. 

We are a new independent studio that is looking to change the rules of the game. We don't have limits and we don't like to be classified in only one place. That's why, Five Spots is the perfect set of five different disciplines to the creation and evolution of the brands.


Our FIVE disciplines


Redesign/ Creation of your brand, with identity manual and visual applications.

Advertising & Social Media

The best way to connect with your audience and share an idea.

Audiovisuals & Multimedia

To grow up your business, it's very important to have a strong campaign that combine digital and traditional advertising.


Personal and business illustrations. Make more atractive and versatil your brand with illustrations that shows your ideas.

Graphic Design

General Design for any kind of visual graphics. Print  and web design.

About the Creative


Everything started with the idea to strengthen the knowledge acquired throughout my career and create projects that have an added value of someone with knowledge and passion in different branches of design, advertising and multimedia.